Hurricane Joaquin leaves a little less than despair in the Bahamas

Just days after Hurricane Joaquin devastated the Bahamas, residents of several islands in the southern Bahamas are increasingly becoming desperate and angry over the lack of basic supplies like clean drinking water.

Although the Coast Guard is working alongside South Florida company Tropic Ocean Airways to load seaplanes with the needed relief supplies, the shortage of clean drinking water across the southern Bahamian islands has created a critical need for more supply runs in the coming days.

“People are hungry. They’re thirsty. They haven’t drank water in three days,” Clinton Rolle, who lost his home and business to Joaquin, told

Volunteers have been grabbing supplies that were dropped off in Nassau and delivering them by airplanes and boats to the hardest-hit areas, the report added. On several of those islands, the airports, like everything else, were completely wiped out by the storm.